Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I found this little dress/costume at my local Salvation Army store last week. I snapped it up, not sure if it would fit miss E or not, it does! It's so beautifully made and it makes me wonder who made it and for whom?

It was made in a time when you couldn't just pop down to a chain store to buy a costume, one of those modern costumes that just fall apart at their silky seams. A time when a mum, big sister or perhaps an Aunt would have sat down with a pattern (or not) and made something that would instead last for years. It's in amazing condition apart from the elastic that had perished in the sleeves, I'm not sure if I'm going to replace it yet.

The twirly barkcloth skirt is made of lots of little pieces stitched together, maybe using up all the scraps from some homemade curtains? Isn't that woollen embroidery sweet?

I'm slightly amazed (yet so pleased) at it's popularity here, it's been the clothing of choice each afternoon. Once the school uniform has been discarded it's on, maybe it's got something to do with the twirly skirt?


  1. Look at that gorgeous princess party dress
    twirling skirts are always a winner

  2. What an awesome outfit! Yay for it being loved! I know it would be a massive hit with my girls too - must be a girl thing to be so drawn to this kind of beauty? Great find x

  3. wow, that is fantastic and so makes me want to persevere with making claud stuff. when i was 5 my mum made me a queen of hearts costume from an old net curtain. it was magnificent (though i dont remeber her sewing anything else ever!). one of the love hearts was a little pocket where i stashed sweeties. best.costume.ever!
    happy weekend x


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