Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 I was pretty quick to sign up for the dishcloth swap that Leonie organised recently (I'm pretty addicted to making them too Leonie). I made a couple of my favourite woven crochet pattern, I've made so many of them over the last few years. I can make them with my eyes closed, it seems like my hands and fingers seem to magically know what to do, crochet still seems like some magical power to me!  The other wash cloth was "fruit" inspired, my own design, apple maybe? It has two sides which makes it nice and thick, long lasting too. I posted them off to my partner a week or so ago, so hopefully they have arrived safely.

Now to crochet lots more for Christmas gifts .....


  1. Your dishcloths are gorgeous!!! I too can't get enough of washers - have hand-made ones all over my home... :)

  2. Love them Louana - they are really gorgeous! I am sure your partner will do too! Great designs - so clever! x

  3. Just beautiful Louana - I do love your crochet, you make it look sooo easy but I find it sooo difficult!! Wish I had known there was a dishcloth swap on .... what a cool idea x0x I am a bit out of touch with these swaps,.

  4. both of them are beautiful...possibly too beautiful to use!


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