Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ice battles

There has been a battle raging at our house these school holidays, the ice battle. I filled an ice cream container with water and froze it, I had envisaged the kids spending some time playing a "soccer" type game with it, kicking it to each other. That's why they are wearing gumboots. It seems though, that my visions were not aligned with what the kids had planned, the story of my life.

Let the ice battles begin. They worked out a game where they both chucked up their blocks of ice, letting it smash down on the ground. Then the race was on to gather up as much of the ice as they could, jamming it back into their containers. The battle raged on for a long time, while I prepared dinner. I heard giggles, and a few cross words too (it was a battle after all) eventually I was greeted with some small slivers of ice and instructions on how I was to keep them safe in the freezer, um yeah.

There has been talks of "ice battle #2", luckily the battle supplies are easy to gather. What have your children been up to these holidays? Any ice battles? No? Just my children then!


  1. hahaha - I can just see it! nothing like good clean fun!

  2. They look to be having SO much fun :-) I imagine if they played this game in the heat of summer, they would be shoving the ice pieces in their mouths instead !!! Just goes to show you dont need to spend big money on entertaining them sometimes x0x

  3. ha ha awesome. Do link in to BMWB if you want to xx


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