Tuesday, October 22, 2013

her hands

Every festive season I'm inspired by the lovely things that Melissa from Tiny Happy  makes for her friends and family and her shop. They are mostly simple ideas, but in her hands they are transformed into something really special, maybe that's the secret? Seeing all those beautiful goodies makes me want to be on her "gifting list".

Melissa has taken the time to answer some of my questions about her handmade Christmas makings. I've also had a look through her archives and chosen some of my favourite projects. If you click on the photos it will take you to Melissa's post and you can find out how to make/bake them too!

Tiny Happy - Pepperkake

Do you have any favourite gifts to make at Christmas?

Not really- I do like to make food-y things for friends and family though. Things like lemon curd or jam/marmalade, or Christmas cakes or sweets. I also really like making gifts from gardeny things like dried lavender, seeds, herbs, etc.
I have a great time making things for my nieces and nephew every Christmas. In the past I've made soft toys, art sets, quilts, clothes and bags

Tiny Happy - Peace dove

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

The kids get swept up in a frenzied whirlwind of Christmas card making every December. Keira makes cards for everyone she knows, including other peoples' pets. We have a few traditions such as making and wrapping gifts all together, attending an evening carol or cathedral Christmas service, and Tom and I always give each other a stocking filled with nice bits and pieces from the supermarket. Really. For example, last year I received some nice chocolate and moisturiser and a copy of my favourite magazine. Often on Christmas Eve we drink wine or cocktails with friends. Okay so that's not so much a 'family' tradition but rather one that Tom and I take part in! As for wider family traditions, both Tom and I come from big families and we alternate attending their Christmas gatherings each year.

Tinny Happy - Wreath

Have you received a handmade present that stands out in your mind?

I remember one year my sister made my whole family knitted slippers. It was an unexpected gift and they must have taken her ages to make. We were all very grateful for them when Winter rolled around!

Tiny Happy - Little totes

What is on your Christmas make list this year? Without giving any secrets away of course! 

This will show my terrible organising skills, but I haven't even thought about it yet. But thank you Louana for the reminder! As soon as I finish work for the year I will break out the craft supplies and have a good think about it. 

Tiny Happy - Pine tags

I know the Pepperkake recipe on your blog is popular, what else will you be baking this Christmas?

Ah yes making pepperkake was something I loved learning while living in Norway. I still make those even though they do seem to suit a wintry Christmas and are nice to hold in one hand with a glass of Glögg in the other!

I love making shortbread and use Christmas as an excuse to bake a double mixture and eat more buttery biscuits than I really should. But I fully intend to do that again this year.

I'll also bake the usual Christmas cake and maybe a Christmas pudding (although Tom made a beautiful one of these last year and it kept him busy for about 4 hours.

Tiny Happy - Dress up wings

Thank you so much Melissa! I think your Pepperkake recipe will be on my bake-list this Christmas.

If you want to check out more lovely things to make on Melissa's blog, she has a handy list on the left hand side. It's a good place to start if you are looking for things to make for loved ones this Christmas! 

How are your Christmas makings going? Mine, slowly, very slowly! But I've ticked at least one off my list. 


  1. lovely interview and write up - thank you x

  2. ooh some great ideas - thank you for sharing. Sam

  3. Lovely ideas - thanks for sharing :) Love the new header too :) just tried to order some sandals last night! x

  4. Great interview, i love tiny happy. I've a few op-shopped gifts, but no makes yet-i really need to crack on i dont want to feel stressed making them (quite a few antler necklaces planned!) x

  5. I've only really started thinking about Christmas making today. First I need to finish up my work for the Finders Keepers market! I love Melissa's blog, and am a big fan of her shortbread! She certainly does have a way of making things really special. :)

    PS. I keep meaning to let you know that your lovely notebook arrived in the mail and I will be posting about it on my blog tomorrow!


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