Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Possum Pixie (11/52)

I really do enjoy sewing things for little ones, the size means they are often finished quickly which is always a bonus! I had the pleasure of making a little pixie hood coat for my nephew who I met for the first time recently. He lives in a warm land and I wanted to make sure he had something snugly to wear while he was here.

I've made so many pixie hood coat now that they do come together so quickly, I could make one in my sleep. This one I made from a thrifted jumper, a super soft Possum and Merino blend and for the lining my daughter (a proud big cousin) chose a Kiwi print fabric.

I'd forgotten how fast little legs move, especially when they are trying to keep up with big cousins, so photos are limited, but I think you can tell it would be a cosy to wear. It's generous in size so hopefully will last a few Winters, perhaps another visit to NZ too. Well an Aunt can only hope right?