Thursday, May 19, 2016

A transformation!

I dragged this poor chair home from down the road in our last inorganic collection. It screamed potential to me, but it screamed "Put it back out!" to my husband. I strongly believe he struggled to see it's potential, but he will tell you that the garage was already full with projects that "screamed potential" to me! He might have had a point, but I think I've shown him the light. 

I started with a quick sand of the chair, I think it may have been out in the weather and most of it's varnish was already gone so a light sanding was all it took. I'm kicking myself that I didn't take a photo of the back plywood panel before I started. Let me tell you it was all splitting and looking like it might have to be replaced. I squirted a generous amount of PVA down all the cracks and used some strong clips to hold the edges together. It worked a treat and I didn't end up replacing it at all. 

Voodoo Molly Vintage paint in Antique white was my paint of choice, transforming it. The turned legs really came to life! 

Next up I tackled the chair back. I love this fabric from Umbrella Prints, it's my favourite shade of green and perfect for my lounge (where the chair now resides). A layer of Mod podge on the wood and I eased the fabric on. Once dry I trimmed it with a scalpel. Then about four coats of Voodoo Molly Vintage Clearcoat. I love that it's waterbased and so easy to apply and clean up! 

The Umbrella prints fabric is only quilting weight and not designed to be used in upholstery type projects. As the chair is not in everyday use, it resides in my lounge ready to pull to our small dining table if an extra guest comes so I just ironed on some very thick Vilene on the reverse side. This meant I could upholster the seat without the fabric stretching. If I was going to use it everyday, I could have used that clear plastic tablecloth type stuff that they have at fabric stores to protect the fabric and make it easily washable.

So there you have it! A total transformation! I'm pretty smitten with how easy it is to use the products from Voodoo Molly , watch this space as I transform some more unloved items and give my husband back some garage space!