Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sunday Shawl

Sunday Shawl is a crochet pattern by Alia Bland, The little Bee. I started seeing them popping up all over the place on Instagram and thought I'd like to give one a try, not really thinking how much yarn it would use! Cue a mild panic attack. Luckily (but not really) our local yarn store was closing down and I got a great deal on some Paton's Jet a lovely mix of wool and Alpaca. The yarn was 12ply a bit thicker than the pattern called for so I changed some of the stitches to shorter ones, the pattern calls for a few more colour changes but my choices were limited so I repeated some colours. So it's not a faithful version of a Sunday Shawl. Lucky I made the changes too as it ate up a wee bit more yarn than I thought and I ended up with very little left over.

That awkward moment that you forget to move your daughter's shoes!
 It works up extremely quickly, I'd happily make another if I could find some budget friendly yarn, I've got my eyes peeled!

The weather has taken a turn for the cooler, after what must have been the warmest Autumn ever, it makes it the perfect time to snuggle up with a shawl. I thought my Nana might need something cozy for her shoulders, turns out it was very well received!

Any snugly knits on your needles, or on you hook? You can find out more about The Little Bee here.