Wednesday, October 23, 2013

first and last

Hits Blitz 86' was my first ever cassette tape, the first music I owned. I was seven. I clearly remember seeing the cassette advertised on TV, knowing it was something I needed to own. I begged and begged my mum to have it for Christmas. I remember so vividly being so excited to find it under the tree, and playing it non stop for weeks, feeling so grown up that I had my own music.

I remember playing it at a sleep over at my Nana's house, down a long hall in her spare room, with the door closed because I wanted to play it louder than anyone could stand. It has been played many, many times over the last 27 years. Funnily enough it's been played more than ever over the last few months and that has been it's downfall.

You see it's popularity now is due to the fact my husband and I named our daughter after one of the songs, and she loves hearing it over and over again, who wouldn't want to hear a song featuring their name? Anyone know a song with a "Louana" in it? She is also 7, the same age as I was when I first got lost in the music it contained.

Well today that came to an end, my precious Christmas gift got tangled and mangled and broken beyond repair. I feel silly even feeling sad about it, it's just a cassette right? But it's funny how hearing music can take you right back to a time and a place when you first heard it? Or when something happened? Every time I hear "I saw the sign" By Ace of Bace, or any Ace of Bace song for that matter, I'm transported to my 4th Form school camp, it was so popular at that time and my friends and I listened to it over and over.

So that's that, my first cassette is now my last ever cassette, there will be no more.

Do you still have any cassettes floating around?


  1. my first ever live gig was the sugarcubes (bjorks pre bjork band) i was 15.i begged my mum for weeks that i was old enough and good enough to go with just a couple of friends. we drank our first pints there in the university bar i still have a bootleg cassette of early sugarcubes songs, it was one of the few things i brought out from england with me in my backpack and though it's still intact recently our ancient cassette player died so i can't play it in a fit of nostalgia any more, gutted!
    you know you can prob. get it on itunes, or even old school CD!!!

  2. Oh i'm sure you'll find many of us relate! a few months ago we transferred all our old casettes (which were recorded from the radio!! or from cd's) and all our cd's onto itunes... we've kept a few simply for sentimental reasons. Music is like that I think - the memories it holds more than anything else x

  3. Gorgeous post! I don't have any of my old cassettes any more but I can still remember my first, oh such fond memories they are... Thanks for bringing them back to me... :)

  4. You can save it! roll it back up and tape the cut ends together. I've done it many times!


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