Monday, October 7, 2013

spring green

I love that first burst of Spring growth, it's a colour of green that you just don't see at any other time of the year. The foliage is baby soft as it unfurls, a vibrant green, a true sign that Summer is on it's way.

A sign of longer days, of getting washing dried in mere hours (can't wait!) and cooling off at the beach.

So it's a bit of a surprise to find inspiration for dying wool amongst all that vibrant, warmth heralding green! Last week I spun some Merino and a Merino/Coopworth blend that I had been given in my "to spin" stash, I spun it thick and within a few hours it was done. I delved into my dying supplies, hoping to recreate some of the greens that are gracing my garden at the moment.

I was pleased with the results! A bit of a relief, my dying has always been a bit ht and miss, ahem.

I've got a "spring-like" project in mind to use it up. Watch this space .......


  1. Its gorgeous Louana- such a vibrant scrummy colour!

  2. That is beautiful! Green is my favourite colour and that really captures everything I love about it.

  3. Oh my, your dyed wool looks absolutely incredible. I love how you have managed to get a bunch of different colours but without the harsh transitions between them. Vibrant but still natural. Looking at this makes my heart sing. xx

  4. what a beautiful shade of green! (and that is coming from a girl who isn't a green girl)

  5. beautiful! A lovely complement to your inspiration garden greens ;)

  6. Lovely natural colours! know what you mean about the spring hues - it's so refreshing x


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