Monday, May 6, 2013


 You may remember a hand printed fabric swap I mentioned a while ago, well the last of my fabrics arrived just before I headed away to Christchurch. Once the first wee parcel arrived, with some amazing fabric and a detailed account of how they went about printing theirs I realised I didn't let me swap partners know how I printed mine! So I'll let you know in case you want to do some fabric printing at some stage, with things from around your home. It's nice and simple and a perfect wintertime activity to do with your kids, very little mess!

I've always thought the bottoms of celery look like beautiful flowers as I cut them off, seems such a waste to be popping them into the compost. So I used the base of some celery as the basis of my design. 

 I inked the celery up with some Versa craft textile inks that I had bought kind of a long time ago (crazy craft supply hoarder collector here, ahem). Easy to use and just needs to be heat set for the ink to be permanent on fabric.

I carved some simple shapes from a eraser, a leaf and a twirly scroll.I also used the eraser tip of a pencil for the middle of the flowers. I tried to keep the pattern fairly consistent across the four fat quarters that I need to print, I cut them all initially, but I think I would have been better printing on yard and then cutting. 

All wrapped up ready to send! I really hope that my partners liked the fabric they received from me. 

These are the amazing fabrics that arrived in my letterbox! I'm really in love with the leaf one at the bottom, so much work went into that one, inking the leaves up to print, it's really stunning! 

Speaking of swaps, did you see that the travelling stash box is up and running for a second trip around New Zealand? I missed it the first time, but I've signed up for it to stop off at my house this time round! As a great craft supply hoarder collector I'm pretty sure I can find some crafting things to add to it. 


  1. SERIOUSLY how on earth did I miss out on this swap?!

  2. We just did the celery stamping thing too! How funny:) The little girls dancing one is amazing too - so clever. xx

  3. Oh my, this is something I really, really want to be in on next time!!

  4. awesome - this is just gorgeous. What a great idea

  5. that is just stunning Louana - I shall look at my celery in a whole new light now - am keen to try this :-)

  6. Absolutely awesome! And the little dancing girls one is uber cute :)

  7. gorgeous!!
    so much clever going round. seriously...

  8. Three of the girls at work took part in this swap- I just wish I had had the time to participate too! Looks like you got some beautiful fabrics and I love your celery print.

  9. Those fabrics all look amazing!! What an awesome swap idea


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