Monday, May 27, 2013

Rose tinted

It's been a slow creep, the kids have slowly but surely taking over my kitchen cupboards with their craft supplies. It started as one shelf in a corner cupboard, perfect for keeping felt tips and coloured pencils handy, along with scrapbooks and other paper goods. Then it was art works, colouring in books and all sorts of other supplies. Jammed in, every time the cupboard door was opened supplies would spill out all over the kitchen floor and it it never seemed to find it's way back in. So a solution was in order.

I found this set of drawers at a local thrift store, the drawers pulled out easily and they looked the perfect size for the corner of our dinning area which is where most of the crafting happens anyway. Not to mention the perfect number of drawers, one each plus one for shared supplies . It's taken me a long time to do a little "makeover" on them. I added new/old ceramic handles. I Mod Podged some rose pictures cut from a vintage botanical book and gave it an extra couple of coats of Mod Podge, to protect and seal it.
They are not perfect and the outer drawers need a new coat of paint, but seeing as they are going to get bumped around as art supplies are taken in and out, and art works are created, I don't think I'll worry about that for now. I'm so glad they are done and the kids loved cleaning up the old cupboard to pop all their things in the new drawers. They both also LOVE roses, mr A especially, every time he visits my Nana she lets him cut a rose from her garden to bring home.

Now that's one more thing ticked off the "must do" list! Have you ticked anything off your "must do" list lately? I'm kind of excited about the new space in my kitchen now too!


  1. This looks AMAZING!!!! So gorgeous - I would have been in heaven having such a space for my art supplies when I was a kid :) The roses really make it, and I love that there are two knobs on each drawer... awesome. xx

    I need one.

  3. They look fantastic well done you!

  4. these look so so cool Louana! :) Where did you find Modge Podge in NZ? I have been meaning to do some decoupage but didn't know we had modge podge, or a similar alternative ??

    1. Sarah you can get it at Spotlight! I've heard too that if you water down PVA 50% it works the same as Mod Podge. But the real stuff comes in matt and gloss finish and also a really expensive outdoors type too!

  5. I Love it!!!! Love the transformation, especially the roses, but love the new knobs too. I think its great both the littlies love roses. Great revamp Louana :-) Pat yourself on the back!!!

  6. I love how you put those roses unique :))

  7. This is so sweet! I especially love the double handles!

  8. Oh Louana these look adorably sweet love the vintage roses
    I hear you - my bottom drawer that was for crafts is now overflowing and I mean overflowing!! !! !!

  9. Wow it is awesome! Love it! I might have to do the same for my girls' stuff!

  10. The roses are great, but I also love the style of the legs, which really look good with the new knobs. Very retro.


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