Monday, May 20, 2013

weekending luck

 I'm quite a homebody, especially over the cooler months. We'll often spend the entire weekend at home and  in the depths of Winter probably the whole weekend indoors! It's quite lucky that most of my favourite pastimes can be done snuggled up inside, and made all the more enjoyable in the cooler weather. This weekend was a rainy, stay inside kind of weekend and I did just that.

I like to keep a stock of handmade booties and other wee things for gifting to new babies, my stocks have been running low lately. It's a good excuse to use some nice hand spun yarn and try out a new pattern. I've got several pairs finished now just awaiting the right buttons.

We did actually briefly brave the rainy weather to drop off a bunch of stuff to the local thrift shops, while there I picked up some amazing linens. Each is a large square tablecloth, two are in pristine "I can't bear to cut them up" condition. The bottom one with Autumn like leaves however has a number of holes and stains so that one will be made into some notebooks. Each tablecloth (1 metre by 1 metre) was just $1! Crazy I don't know how they slipped through the pricing cracks as teeny tiny pieces of linen were priced at $8 each! The young girl at the counter didn't bat an eye as she announced the "grand total" - I high tailed it out of there before I was found out. I felt like I was stealing them at that price. Lucky for my linen collection that we braved the rainy weather.

Do you like rainy weekends?


  1. I saw one of your notebook covers today when I was up at Lisas - needless to say I am in love and have added to my must have list!
    VERY excited about spinning xxx

  2. Does this mean I might be able to add another "Louana Cover" to my collection? I hope so! hehe... Those little booties look absolutely adorable. xx

  3. Gorgeous linens. You make the loveliest things Louana x

  4. Gorgeous Booties - hear you about being a homebody! And those linens are gorgeous x

  5. visiting you for the first time from Op Shop show off. Wow awesome bargains. Love the embroidery. Great shopping.


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