Friday, May 3, 2013


photo by Max

Each Blogger attending the "around the table" blogging conference in Christchurch a few weeks ago were asked to make a name badge for another blogger. I was partnered with Max and as it turned out neither Max nor I took photos of our finished name badges so we've each swapped pics of them now that we are home.

I LOVE mine! It's so cute and it's currently on my bookcase till I find the perfect wall spot for it, it's kinda big! I don't know if you can tell from the photo? Thanks again Max! Max had her wee baby with her for most of the weekend and she had her badge pinned to her baby carrier, we joked that maybe people would think he's name was Max, it isn't!

There were some STUNNING badges made by other clever bloggers, it was fun looking at all of them, some, you could tell had put in lots of effort. You can see some more of them in this post by Roz, which was great for me as I didn't see some of them over the weekend, and you'll get a peek of mine in use too!

I've got one more post about the conference, promise! I want to show you some of the great things I bought at the craft market while I was there, don't worry I've got a little something to giveaway too!


  1. I loved BOTH of these badges!
    Funny thing about yours was I kept looking at it thinking 'that is sweet' and then half way through Saturday I was like 'DOH it is green buttons' - yeah I know - BLONDE -
    Your one for Max is totally and utterly gorgeous LOVE it

  2. Two awesome badges - you clever people you!

  3. Your namebadge from Max was one of my favourites!


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