Monday, September 24, 2012


I had an early birthday present last week, a new (from the thrift store!) coffee table! I've never bought one before, our previous one was long and narrow and a hand-me-down. This one is big enough for us all to gather around and play UNO! (our favourite family game at the moment). I saw the table and really loved it, which I found kind of strange because it's much more "crafty" looking than I'd normally go for. But it was something about those carved flowers in the middle that really had me excited! Luckily for me, with my husband in tow, he suggested that maybe it would be a good birthday present. Um yes please!

I've started to realise that after doing nothing in the garden at all over Winter that my garden is in kind of a big mess. It seems like a big job getting it back in order, so I've started slowly. Emptying the compost bin and spreading it around. Watching all the bug life in it getting a change of scenery! I've trimmed some hedges and started a bit of weeding. It's something about these warmer days that gets me busier in the garden.


  1. Gorgeous table :)
    Happy birthday!

  2. Great idea for a present. LOVE those wee flowers in the middle. So cute.

  3. LOVE that table Louana - love those crafted flowers on it - it is beautiful. Good luck with the gardening - you are right, small efforts each day soon add up to a good feeling of achievement. Happy gardening :-) Julie

  4. A beautiful birthday present, indeed!
    I fear my garden is also a lot of work away from being a functioning place of growth again. I was hoping to get stuck in this weekend, but have injured my back - one day I'll get it back in order...


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