Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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I was totally inspired by this tutorial by this lovely lady. I find most of my kids clothes at local thrift stores, there are always lots of T-shirts in great "as new" condition, but often the logos and decoration on the fronts aren't, well, what I'm looking for. SO I wanted to come up with something I could cover those logos up with.

What you'll need:

- T-shirts - ones that you want to restyle and some other ones that you can cut up with no logos. I used the backs of some old t-shirts that the kids had outgrown and were stained on the fronts - recycle!
- Bleach
- A spray bottle
- Freezer paper
- Embroidery thread
- Sewing machine
- Visoflex - The iron on stuff that is used for applique.
 - An iron

These are the two t-shirts to be restyled! 

Cut out a design on freezer paper, and iron on a piece of t-shirt material. Here I'm using a back of an old t-shirt.

Fill your spray bottle with bleach.
* Please do this next step outside in the fresh air and with gloves on!*
Put an old towel down, or a large plastic bag, and spray the bleach over your design.

Once the bleach has given you the desired effect, wash the fabric. I just washed it by hand in a bucket. You don't want the bleach to spread or get on your other washing, so please wash it separately!

Once it's dried and the freezer paper has been removed, we can then attach it to the t-shirt. Cut it to size, big enough to cover the logo. Iron some visolfex to the back and then iron it to the t-shirt. Then with a zig-zag or a straight stitch, stitch around the edge.

You might want to skip this step if you are happy with how your design has turned out. I used some embroidery thread and back stitched around the design to give it better definition. You could also use a running stitch too.

This one for miss E I added some doiley sleeves!

I think it could be a great holiday project - Go to the thrift store - Get the kids to design what they would like on the t-shirts - parents do the bleach - and they could do the embroidery details!

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