Tuesday, September 18, 2012

on the line

Nothing beats the sight of embroidered linens flapping about in the sun and wind. I had some amazing luck at a local thrift store today, 3 large tablecloths and a selection of doileys too. The tablecloths should be perfect for notebook covers (once I work around some stains and holes) and I've got a few projects on the go for the doileys. One of the tablecloths is in such good condition - well perfect really that I can't use it for crafting, it will go into my "keeps" stash of linens that seems to be growing!


  1. Washing things like this really makes the task seem like less of a chore, huh? So beautiful to see them all out drying. I love pre-washing all the vintage fabric I find too, it's like having beautiful curtains in the yard : )

  2. I have a growing stash like that too! Beautiful finds (and sunshine!) :D

  3. Oh my Louana - what a find !!! Lucky you. I have recently covered a notebook in an old doiley too - such fun and looks great. Yes I love the vintage linens hanging on the line also. Brings a smile to my face. Happy crafting, Julie :-)


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