Monday, September 10, 2012


There was a flurry of activity here on the weekend. Spurred on by a generous donation of some little bits of yarn. The mother in law of a lady at my creative fibre group had passed away recently and some of her stash was on offer. There was a large bag of scrappy bits all tangled together, I gladly took them with this project in mind for them. It's inspired by this pin. A bird's nest helper! Miss E and I set about making one, one turned into three as she kept coming up with more ideas and people who really "needed and really must have" one.  Luckily in my stash was lots of wire to make the frames with. In another crafty life I crocheted a lot with wire and certainly miss E thought it was luck once she found some wire flowers and other unfinished projects for embellishments. Our one is hanging in our fig tree, I'm not sure if it's such a good idea though. In a few months I'll be doing my best to keep the birds away from my figs!

Pop back tomorrow for a easy tutorial! I've finally got some sunny weather to take the pics.

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  1. love this idea...the birds are busy collecting and the little guy would love to help them out. thanks for that!


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