Thursday, September 20, 2012


I was really lucky to win two tickets to Valerie Adams' Olympic gold medal ceremony in a radio competition. Valerie (if you are not a NZer) is a New Zealand shot put athlete. She competed in the London Olympics and came away with the silver medal. Once the games were finished it was discovered that the gold medal winner had in fact taken some performance enhancing drugs. So the New Zealand Olympic committee put on a special ceremony for her here in New Zealand.

Miss E and I had an amazing time, I think she might have enjoyed it more than me though! That's her in the purple skirt (and rabbit hat) in the picture above - dancing and cheering in the aisles! I don't often get one on one time with her so I really enjoyed taking off on an adventure just the two of us, train trip, dinner in town and of course those amazing fireworks! It was the chance of a lifetime and I hope that she remembers what an amazing time she had.

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  1. That's really lovely. I recently had a little night out with my almost five year old daughter. It was so exciting.

    I wondered who were the lucky ones who got the invites to that event!


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