Friday, September 28, 2012


It's been one of those weeks where I constantly feel one step behind, where the lounge and kitchen both look like a bomb has gone off and don't even ask about the washing. I've been putting my time into other areas and it's showing! Never mind, it's all "clean" dirt after all! I celebrated a birthday this week, where all I asked for was a sleep in and someone else to make dinner. Well I got one of those two wishes! My birthday did fall on a weekday so a sleep in was really out of the question anyway.

I've been carrying around a small bag of crochet with me, wash cloths on the go. I sneak in a few rows here and there when I'm waiting around and it's amazing how fast my pile grows. Hopefully I'll get all the ends sewn in, in the same way. While I was making the wash cloths I crocheted a little bag for my "wonder soap". I don't really have a soap dish in the laundry and I normally just balance it on top of the wash tub. I often find that once a load of washing has finished the spinning action of the washing machine has made the soap fall into the wash tub! I'm greeted with a very soggy bar of soap and that's just not a good thing! Now my "wonder soap" can hang from the tap, not fall in the tub and all will be good! (Gosh I'll have to add "clean my wash tub" to my must do list too)

I'm going to be spinning in public tomorrow! Eeek! There is a local council run event for arts and crafts and I volunteered to help out and spin! I'm hoping that I might get lots of spinning done and not get asked too many questions!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Gosh I think that those little bags for your soap are a wonderful idea Louana :-) And your dishcloths look great also.
    Good luck with your spinning display in public - thinking of you, Julie :-)

  2. P.S. forgot to say Happy Birthday ! ! for last week also :-)

  3. Beautiful! Your washcloths have been so fabulous for bathing Mol, so soft and delicious x


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