Tuesday, July 19, 2011

with thanks

My lovely neighbour Kerstin delivered a large lot of homespun wool to me last week. It's a mixture of Angora (from the rabbits that she breeds) and merino with silk. It's so lovely to crochet with and I feel VERY spoilt. I made some beanie style hats for the kids first from an improvised design. Luckily they were very quick to make, as soon as I had finished one, there was a request for another matching one. To stop arguments I crocheted a flower for miss E's one and a circle to put on mr A's one. They love them to bits, thanks again Kerstin! She has a website and a blog that you can find here: www.vivelly-stud.com ( I still can't get the linky thing to work! is it just me?) She sells her lovely Angora fibre too, I must say that it's so soft and warm and spins beautifully with the added bonus of it needing no carding.

I've still got quite a bit left, I'm just trying to decide what to make next.....


  1. This wool looks absolutely beautiful.
    I had a wee peek at their website, wow the rabbits are gorgeous!

    It seems links don't work in preview mode, but do when you actually post...

  2. Louana, thanks for posting this, I am so happy to see the kids enjoying their hats! Whatever you touch you make something beautiful out of it, like the gorgous scarf you made for me. I hope you will also make something for yourself, you know there is more where this came from...:-)

  3. How lovely! The hats look cute on E and A too, what little poppets!


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