Friday, July 8, 2011

house shoes

I went on a two month student exchange to Germany when I was 17. It was over Christmas time and it was the coldest winter there in around 20 years. While I was there my host family gave me the use of some red felt "house shoes", I loved them! While I was there I was looking out for a similar pair to buy to take home with me, but I didn't find any. I was thinking about them just the other day (as you do!) and I thought about having a go at making something similar.

I picked up a thickly felted woollen red jumper at the local Salvation army recently and I thought I'd have a go with that. I am quite pleased with how they turned out (although nothing like the house shoes I was loaned), they certainly keep my feet warm. If I made a second pair I'd make them quite a bit smaller, due to the slight stretch of the felted wool they are a tiny bit loose. I crocheted around the edge of them with some matching crochet cotton to finish them off.

I've just realised that I've past my two year blogging anniversary so to celebrate I'll do a little giveaway on Monday, so do check back.

Have a happy weekend! I'm hoping for a little less rain.


  1. they are cute! I am in the middle of crocheting some slippers for me- have finished the first one but its a little big so going to have to undo a few rows i think!

  2. they are lovely... really like the crochet finished edge :)

  3. They are very cute. The crochet is just the right finishing touch too.

  4. well done- these are lovely! i also went on a 2-month exchange to deutschland when i was that age :)


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