Thursday, July 7, 2011


I sometimes forget to slow down. I sometimes seem to jam so much into each day, always thinking about what I need to do next that I forget to just stop and live in the moment. But this morning after mr A and I had dropped of miss E to school we discovered a big puddle. He spent a good 15 minutes jumping and playing in it and I didn't mind a bit. I wasn't thinking of all the washing at home to do, or what I was going to cook for dinner or anything else other than how happy he was splashing about. I was so taken about all the smiles he was getting as cars drove past, young and old seemed to enjoy watching him splash about. I think it was a timely reminder to stop, slow down and enjoy the puddles in life.


  1. I need reminders of this all the time! I love the way our kids show us the important things in life, living in the moment and experiencing real joy...that looks so much fun! Enjoy your puddles :D
    Ps Thank you for my beautiful package, which just arrived, it brightened my day! xx

  2. Aren't kids great for giving you gentle reminders about what's really important. Great post!


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