Friday, July 15, 2011

friday finds

The weather continues to keep us tucked up indoors, rain, rain and more rain. There was a little break in the weather today and mr A and I took a trip around the local thrift stores, something that he isn't that excited about. He stood in the door way of the first one and flatly refused to enter much to the amusement of everyone except me. But he softened after a while and we actually had quite a nice outing (the bribe of a fluffy at the end seemed to work wonders). I was quite excited to find this tablecloth, I thought it was quite unusual. It's large and has a bouquet on each corner. I love it, but it's got a few stains and some other issues so it's destined to be re purposed in some way, just not sure what I'll make yet.

Happy weekend friends!


  1. Really Lovely! Can't wait to see what it becomes... :D

  2. oh- it's beautiful- and so 'you'! (p.s. my kids hate thrift shopping too...)


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