Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've really wanted to have a try of Spoonflower's services for quite a while. I really felt nervous about using anything I designed myself, I was worried that I wouldn't be happy with it. So when they recently had a special with free shipping I decided I'd have a try but I asked miss E if she would draw something for me to use. She got busy drawing all sorts of little pictures for me. I thought if it was something she designed that we could use the fabric to make Christmas presents for relatives, think little zip purses and notebook covers.

I was really impressed how easy the Spoonflower website was to use (using a very simple design) and I was able to lay it up how I wanted quite quickly. I think I might actually have a go and order some with my own design! Scary.

The reaction to the arrival was precious, " I just love it!" with the biggest widest eyes possible for the longest time " I just don't know what to say!" This from my five year old who just doesn't stop talking. So yes, I think the result is perfect.


  1. i thought you'd titled your post "spoonflower" because that was the name of your fabric design....they DO look like spoonflowers to you too don't they?? :)

    how precious~

  2. I too have been wanting to try but hesitating -I think you just persuaded me! Gorgeous design! :D

  3. how lovely! i too have been wanting to try designing on spoonflower one day, thanks for the review

  4. amazing! I never knew this site existed! You've changed my life!

  5. how fun! I am plotting some spoonflower goodies too, it seems to be harder than one imagined. Great idea for xmas goodies!

  6. gorgeous, gorgeous. what a great idea to use E's drawings! they're fab.


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