Friday, July 29, 2011


We went for a walk in the local botanic gardens today. It's the last day of the school holidays and it was nice to get the kids out for a walk. There were many signs that spring is really on it's way, daffodils budding (flowering in places) magnolias in bloom and a slight change in the light. We saw a peacock and lots of ducks were spotted too. I found these seeds from a Titoki tree, a NZ native to show the children, when I was little our house had a small Titoki tree by the letterbox many years later when I went back to have a look at our old house I was stunned by how tall it had grown over the years. I remember as a small child being fascinated by the seeds, seems that the fascination doesn't end in childhood, aren't they just amazing?

Have a safe and happy weekend.

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