Monday, September 16, 2013


Over the course of a week I managed to sew a little something for myself. I spotted this amazing fabric while on a shopping trip with my mum recently, do you like it? It's super soft, light weight viscose, it's hard to tell from the photo (I still haven't taught my kids to be willing photographers) but the top is this pattern from the Pattern Postie, view b.

While the pattern itself is easy to sew, it took a few days to cut out and sew, using pockets of child-free time. I  do vaguely remember I time when I had the chance to sew a project from start to finish in one go, vaguely. I'm mostly happy with it, so I'm hoping to make a few more for the warmer months ahead. I must admit to seldom being happy with a "sewing for me" project, always things I wished I'd changed once finished, I'm fussy like that.

Do you sew for yourself?


  1. Its so lovely Louana. Can imagine the fabric being lovely for summer and the pattern is delightful! Dont think im ever 100% happy but am learning that, thats ok. Love your work xxx

  2. The fabric makes it - its really beautiful!

  3. Love the birds and the colour. Looks like a nice pattern too. I made myself a sleeveless summer top earlier in winter that I wear quite often. It is a bit gapey in places around the arm, so I'm going to have to do some tweaking so I can wear it without a cardigan in summer, when I figure out what to do. It is the first thing I've made for myself. I'm hoping to make more dressed for my girl this summer. Even things I make for her I'm not often 100% happy with at the end. Cx

  4. Awesome Louana, LOVE the colour and print of the fabric too xx

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for the pattern, it looks like just what I'm after to make Some nursing tops, now to work out how to find time to do it!

  6. Love the pattern and colour! It looks lovely....and how satisfying to get it finished :)) I look forward to seeing more versions!
    I have a shirtdress waiting to be cut out for the last few day! :))

  7. I love the colour
    Love that you made yourself something
    Simply love
    My red dress cut out over a month ago still hasn't met the sewing machine


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