Thursday, September 26, 2013

me and MY feet

So if you have followed this blog for a while, you probably would have noticed my Saltwater Sandals pop up now and again, oh and of course on my header! I've just invested in another pair (an early birthday present, that's them above! patent turquoise!). They are the pretty much my all year round footwear, it's pretty mild here in Auckland, they are so hard wearing too. My first pair, in red is still going strong 3 years later, other than some thinning on the soles the tops look almost brand new. I don't drive so my footwear needs to be comfortable and long lasting, I do a lot of miles, and these are perfect in every way.

They break my "buy local" rule as I get them from Me and My Feet in the United States of America, they make the rule worth breaking. I first noticed Saltwater Sandals on the Soulemama blog, instantly fell in love, but after a short local search I abandoned my hope of owning any, they were way out of my price range and shipping from a supplier in Australia was almost as much as the shoes themselves.

Then I discovered Me and My Feet, their shipping to here in New Zealand is SO reasonable. It's a bit nerve wracking buying shoes from so far away, but with four orders under my belt I can tell you it's not as scary as you might think.

Me and My Feet was founded in 2007 and started out only selling children's footwear, but they branched out into selling other items too, like women's footwear, skin care and bags, things to make parent's lives easier, seems they must listen to their customer's needs.

 So if you are looking to invest in some Summer shoes (and yes I totally think they are an investment) I can recommend Saltwater Sandals from Me and My Feet, I LOVE mine! You might be thinking why would I need so many pairs if they wear so well? Well, you'd be in good company there, seems my husband has the same question. If I chose the black pair, I'd probably just have the one pair, it would go with everything right? But I think that's a bit boring, considering all the fabulous colours the Saltwater Sandals come in! Do you have a favourite?

*this is not a sponsored post, I was so impressed with the service I have received from Me and My Feet that I wanted to spread the word. I did however contact them to gain a little bit of background information. All opinions are my own. 

*A little update, with all the comments and emails I've received about shipping costs I want to share that info here. This info is current as of 4/10/2013, the shipping cost of one pair of Saltwater sandals cost me $17.95 US dollars. The total cost for one pair was just a little over $70 NZD with the current exchange rate. Any more questions feel free to email me or the lovely people at Me and My Feet! 


  1. I love saltwater sandals! I have a gold pair but feel I need atleast another two pairs. They are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Mr H hates them, calls them my granny shoes. So I was very grateful when he bought me my first pair. I love your turquoise ones xo

  2. Oh I love Saltwater sandals and those turquoise ones are the ones I told hubby I want for summer!! Excellent taste ;)

  3. They are gorgeous! Love them, thanks for sharing...may have to invest but oh what colour! Love your collection of colours xx

  4. I love them too. My girl has worn them for the past few summers, but it might be time for me to get myself a pair too.

  5. I just got claud her new pair for this summer, in red again. we got them from a place in aussie, they came to $106 with postage all up, interested to know if the US place is cheaper as contemplating getting the yellow patents for myself. having said that the turquoise is beauty. Have to agree with you re the quality, claud wore hers all summer and they still looked as good as new when she out grew them x

  6. What is the postage to nz? I can't find it anywhere on their site. I'm keen to get a pair.

    Horror- Hannahs catalogue for summer has saltwater rip offs.


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