Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The memorial garden for mr A's preschool teacher was blessed last week. I missed the ceremony due to a sick boy, but I'm told it was lovely.

Glennis, or "Mrs Stewart" was the most amazing early childhood educator, in her twenty plus years working at the preschool she touched so many lives. I was always amazed at her ability to know just what each child needed, a hug, some encouraging words or even on the odd occasion a firm word. I hate to think how busy her days were as a supervisor at preschool, interrupted many, so many times during the course of the day, yet whenever you asked her anything, she'd stop to help you out. Always with a smile. We miss her terribly.

It's so nice to have this little place of remembrance, in what was a mostly unused corner. I had an idea to make some bunting with pictures that the children had drawn, similar to the Japanese wishing tree idea. I thought it might be a great way to bring the children into the garden, I love all the little drawings that they did, each so unique for a very special lady. I left all the edges raw and sewed each picture to ribbon, backed by a slightly larger piece of botanical type of fabric. It was so fast to make and I think I'll make something similar for our garden this Summer too.

 I can't wait to see how this garden grows and watch the children play in it, it's a special place.


  1. aww, thats lovely. i like the childrens drawing bunting to, kin of remind me of payer flags x

  2. Oh Louana, what a precious memorial!

  3. You have the most beautiful ideas L! I think this is such a special way to bring the children in to such a space.

  4. So so lovely Louana - you did a fantastic job all round. xx

  5. Such a lovely thing to do Louana x

  6. Such a lovely way to remember a special lady :)) The bunting and mosaics look great too x


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