Sunday, September 1, 2013

not your hands

So my handmade Christmas series is about making gifts for friends and loved ones this Christmas. But what if you don't have a crafty bone in your body? What if the thought of finding time to make even one present is too much for you? Well it doesn't mean you can't still have a handmade Christmas, really it doesn't.

There are thousands and thousands artisans out there, selling their wares on sites like Felt (here in NZ) and Etsy (lots of NZers sell on Etsy, you can find the things they are selling here.) I'd  really love you to go and check out those sites, especially Felt (buy local n' all). You might just be surprised at what is being produced here (ok, maybe not surprised if you are a fan of Felt already). I'm not talking about "Nana" crafts either (not that Nana's can't make some funky craft type things, but I'm sure you know the type of crafts I'm referring to) some seriously professional products that anyone would be glad to find in their stocking!

Here are a very few of my favourites after a very short look on Felt.

I love the Wood botherer's shop for quality wooden toys - I was lucky to win the ducks above recently, they feel so nice in your hand, I'm also going to purchase some more of their animals for some littles on my shopping list.

These butterfly wing earrings - love them enough said. I'm a fan of vintage NZ stamps and Kowhai so I'd love to unwrap these on Christmas morning, argh! I keep finding earrings I love, these I think I might just have to buy for myself if no one else does.

For the hard to buy for (or maybe a smarty pants brother?) maybe this cushion?

There are some interesting hanging air plants in Eco bubbles shop.

These links are just a small, teeny tiny selection of amazing things on offer,but to be honest I've had to stop browsing, my buying list is getting bigger than my making list!

I think one of the best things about buying from these sites, other than the fact you've bought some amazing presents, is that you are supporting a small business! Woo hoo! We need that, we need those small businesses! You are supporting possibly a stay at home mum or dad - how cool is that? Super cool! Go and have a browse and tick a few more names off your list! Oh and it all gets delivered to your door! Bonus.


  1. yes, yes, yes - please link this in to 'we recommend' on Weds. I couldn't agree more. Going to check out these sellers now xx

  2. oooohhh! Love finding more great online shops!

  3. I've got out of the habit of online shopping i'm not quite sure why but i need to get back into it because my two local gift store are pants (all made in china, sold everwhere). Those butterly earrings are cool!

  4. great shops! Love love felt! and love etsy too :) thanks for great ideas x

  5. great idea L, thanks for the reminder. i'll be doing lots of shopping online this year i reckon. x

  6. Felt is a dangerous place- so many great shops! Thanks for your recommendations, I'm off to check them out :-)


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