Saturday, September 28, 2013

I love eggs

I love eggs. My easy  lazy family weekend dinners often consist of eggs, scrambled, boiled or  sometimes french toast. But for breakfast, not often, if ever. Certainly not on a weekday. Why? Well they take too long to prepare, or do they?

Well turns out that a couple of boiled eggs and toast are a lot easier to prepare on a weekday morning than I thought, taking about the same time to prepare as our usual breakfast options.

I was contacted recently to see if I would like some eggs to feed my family for breakfast during New Zealand Nutrition Week (September 23-28). It sounded great and I said "yes!". I've got two kids who love eggs, but with the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school/preschool we usually stick to muesli and toast and fruit. I must admit that by the time that Friday rolled around I realised that eggs were just as easy to dish up as our usual breakfast. I also found that the boy of mine who normally eats a three course breakfast and is still asking for food on the way to preschool, was actually full! Those normal nagging requests just didn't eventuate.

So in case you need any more convincing to try eggs for breakfast on a weekday, here are some points that I found interesting from a survey competed recently by Horizon Research on behalf of Eggs Inc.

"Adding two eggs to toast at breakfast time , provides over 20% of the daily recommended intake of protein alone"

"As well as containing over 11 essential vitamins and minerals, it is well documented that the high quality protein in eggs boosts satiety. A recent study in America has shown that people who ate breakfast were less likely to eat a high calorie lunch than people who ate cereal for breakfast."

"Perceived lack of time was the biggest obstacle to considering breakfast options with a higher nutrient content"

Well I can certainly bust that myth about time, it didn't take much time at all to pop some eggs in a pot! I love eggs!!!


  1. We love eggs too - and mid week! xx

  2. i dont mind eggs... but i do love them in baking ;) xx

  3. I agree its lovely to start the day with eggs....but we definitely need to do it more often....and I'm looking forwards to using duck eggs in the future :)

  4. I've just eaten a green egg (the shell's green, not the inside) kindly provided by my brother's hens.

  5. I LOVE eggs and I just love being able to collect them fresh from my chickens


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