Monday, January 24, 2011

wet weekend

We had some wet and wild weather over the weekend, even some flooding not too far away from where we live. We spent the whole weekend inside and while the children were playing with Lego and Duplo I made this rug. It's made from T-shirt kind of knit tops, mainly ones from miss E's wardrobe. Too small, too stained to pass on to anyone else, perfect for a crochet rug. The top photo was a progress one, shaky with the lack of sunlight! It was quite amazing how different it looked before a new colour was added on. It worked up really quickly, it took more time to cut the strips than the crochet. Now one from mr A's old tops, might take a little bit longer to make a rug this size, his tops are much smaller!

1 comment :

  1. What a good idea!
    I love how the piece of crochet changes every time you add another colour!
    have fun making the next one!


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