Friday, January 14, 2011

getting away

The night that my husband and I spent away was at Solscape, in Raglan. We were lucky to go as a family member had booked it but was unable to go due to all the problems with the snow in London just before Christmas. It was so nice getting away just the two of us, a very rare luxury which made us appreciate it all the more. Raglan is a lovely small coastal town, the first time that I had ever visited it. The Solscape Eco retreat was a beautiful spot and we stayed in a converted caboose but you can also in a Tipi! We took a walk to see the Tipis while we were there and I really wished that we were staying in one, maybe a future holiday? It was a great break but as it is with preschoolers it was back to reality very quickly once we arrived home.

Happy weekend! My heart goes out to all those in Queensland affected by the flooding, I hope that everyone is safe.

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  1. oooo Solscape! I went there recently, we stayed in the sweet cabooseys. and ventured down to the gooorrggeouuss tipi retreat - I quite loved the little outdoor kitchen there.


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