Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been doing lots of mending over the holidays, most of it has been things that have been lurking around taking up space here there and everywhere. Others have been in use calling out to be mended, like a shirt I wear nearly once every week missing a button! Each time I put it on I think "must sew on that button" but never do. It is a great feeling to fix things and put them back where they belong. The funny thing is, that it didn't take all that long to fix all these bits and pieces, I really wish I had done it sooner.

Today I made some cinnamon scrolls from the same bread dough that I use for normal rolls, garlic pizza bread and pizza bases! They disappeared really quickly and I'm looking forward to making them in the winter time when we are stuck inside on the weekend (I'm looking forward to the cooler weather already).

Other than mending I've been completing other small projects too. Sewing a cover for my $2 shop diary, I don't know why diary's have to be so expensive. This one is actually a student diary and I have a little chuckle at the part where I'm meant to get my parents to tick off my homework. I've also been crocheting some wee hearts, it's quite addictive, they are multiplying quite quickly!

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  1. love the crocheted hearts! So cute and sweet!
    you could sew them onto valentine cards! or just send them by themselves, that would be sweet to, =)


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