Thursday, January 20, 2011


I started this mosaic project many, many months ago. I wanted to make something with all the little scraps from day to day broken plates and the "offcuts" from my pendant making. It sat with very little progress for months in our garage where we kept bumping into it and me worrying about it getting broken all the time. So I decided while I was still in holiday mode I'd get it finished. It didn't take too long, just a few nights with some rented DVDs from the library. I had a basic pattern in mind as I didn't know what colours I'd be working with and thought that coloured circles and lots of white in between would hopefully work well. I found the terracotta pipe in the inorganic rubbish collection and it forms the stem of the birdbath (in case it wasn't clear) very well. I'm pleased to have it finished and out in the garden and I'm vowing never again to work on such a big mosaic project, I like the speed of paving stones better.

Finished any big projects off over the holidays?


  1. Well done, it looks fabulous! Sadly my projects are languishing somewhat - tooooo hot.

  2. This is lovely. I have had mosaic making on my to do list for a long while, but as yet still haven't started on anything... Well done you!

  3. whoa- that is an amazing project to have finished- well done! it is the ritz of bird baths... i wish i had enough patience and skill to make one. :)


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