Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm finding it really hard to find my way back into this space. I'm in full holiday mode which means the kids are fed and little else is being achieved each day. We've celebrated Christmas, new year and a birthday. We've explored some local beaches, a new zoo, found some new parks, tried to escape the heat and burning sun rays. I've tried some new recipes, done very little gardening. Found some time to do some crochet for a friend. Had our first ever night without our children,(miss E will be five in a few months so it's been a long time) Phew! It seems we've packed a lot in over the last few weeks.

With the start of a new year I'm loathed to create resolutions, but I rather like to think about hopes for the year so I've got a few: more sewing for the children, more sewing for myself, planting more food in the garden, to use the vast number of recipe books I've got a bit more, to clear out and let go of things that are cluttering up my cupboards, to exercise more and just to relax and enjoy the time with my children more. That last one means letting go of my expectations to having a tidy and super clean house.

So do you have any resolutions or hopes for 2011?


  1. Hi Louana, i received my christmas package! thank you so very very much .... its amazing :) enjoy the rest of your holidays, the blog world will be still here when you are ready to re-enter!

  2. It sounds like you had a great holiday season. I would also love to use my recipe books more - my honey loves cooking and does most of it at our place, but baking is my domain...

    Is that last picture of a silk tree? It is so beautiful, we have one in our garden too. I just love them. Lx

  3. I say enjoy the holiday feeling while it lasts because soon it'll be back to school and all the other stressful bits of life.
    I made a few goals bt really it comes fown to just wanting to live my life fully and not waste it all online. Ahem.

  4. beautiful photos, louana! i say just enjoy these holidays and come back here when you feel like it. it sounds like you're having a busy and lovely time.

  5. I'm totally with you in the holiday mode thing! Haven't felt like blogging in ages. Actually we're still out of town and I didn't bring the big camera :o) I hope to declutter a bit more and find some sort of rhythm/routine to our dinners (a frequent struggle), plus settle my youngest into school.

  6. yes biglittle I do think it's a silk tree. It was so beautiful I shot that picture at the Hamilton zoo.


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