Friday, January 28, 2011

daughter and dolly

Just before Christmas a new thrift store opened up in our town. It's a very dangerous place to shop! It's jammed packed with amazing clothes, all the opening stock came from Australia so there were quite a few labels that we just don't see here in our shops. The quality and prices are oh so good, so good in fact I've blown my thrifting budget every time I've been in. Miss E and I went in one day and she is such a magpie (like me) and she spotted this lovely vintage skirt and wanted me to buy it. " You can cut it up and make me a skirt and a dress for my doll" she declared in the shop. Well OK, I can't argue with that. The fabric is much brighter in real life and in excellent condition. Last night I sewed a skirt for her and a dress for her favourite doll ( a beautiful cloth doll from the oh so talented melissa from tiny happy). Once finished I folded up the skirt and dressed the doll and popped them on the end of her bed for a morning surprise! She was very pleased with the results, thank goodness - I would have been in trouble if I had got it wrong.

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  1. could you be a sweeter mum? i think not!
    i am so honoured that your daughter loves her doll i made and the clothes you've made for her are the best.


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