Wednesday, March 31, 2010

easter treat

I've been busy saving egg shells to make these little Easter treats. There seem to be some really pretty egg cartons in the supermarket lately, yellow, green and blue. They seem too cute to rip up and add to the compost so I've been saving them up. I washed out the egg shells and once dry filled some with a little soil and a succulent and the others a little bit of tissue and some bird like Easter eggs, they are candy coated but they have a chocolate center. I ripped the lid off this one as it is for my Easter table, but the ones I made for friends I left the lids attatched so they travel better ( I removed the brandname stickers on top). Easter wouldn't be Easter to me without some of those little yellow chicks made from chenille stick or pipe cleaner type stuff, with tiny beads for eyes. For as long as I can remember those chicks have been around and when I was very little they were more precious to me than chocolate eggs.


  1. this is a beautiful and creative take on an easter basket! love this idea : )

  2. These are super gorgeous and clever! And I know from far far too much experience how delicious those little easter eggs are.

  3. I love saving egg shells to add to my table decor. This is such a lovely display...simple, but elegant!


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