Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy easter

While the northern hemisphere is warming up, we are cooling down, it's always seemed wrong to be celebrating Easter in Autumn not spring. So to keep the spring feeling going this Easter I made this little dress for missE (doesn't the print seem so spring like?), it was made from a thrifted child's dress with a very full skirt and a big splash on paint down the front. Other than the paint it seemed to be in excellent condition, luckily because the skirt was so full there was still a lot of fabric to work with after the paint was cut out.

I was in charge of making the Hot cross bun dough for my local playgroup, that's mr A there making his first little hot crossed bun. The children had a great time making the buns, I think I had a better time watching all the little hands and the looks of concentration on their faces.

Have a safe and happy Easter.


  1. Gorgeous little dress and I love the pleats on the pocket. Those hot cross buns look great. Ours are in the breadmaker right now.

  2. What a gorgeous dress, it's so cheerful.

  3. happy easter! i love your easter treats. :)

  4. Oh I love that dress! LOVE it. So perfect for the colors of Easter


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