Thursday, April 8, 2010

holiday mode

I'm still in Easter holiday mode, we took a trip out of Auckland for a few days. We travelled to the northern part of NZ to stay with my father. The weather was fantastic and our holiday included many trips to the beaches nearby, fish and chips eaten on the beach taking in the beautiful view, ice creams, collecting shellfish for fritters (Tuatuas), drying off after our swims in the warm sun. It was perfect weather and so many adventures were had by my little ones.Now that we are back I'm still feeling like I'm on holiday and not much is getting done around here at all - it's a nice way to be.

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  1. what a gorgeous looking spot, we meant to take a beachy little holiday this summer, and never got around to it - terrible huh, and now summer is over! Perhaps we might take a wintery snowy kind of holiday instead.


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