Monday, April 12, 2010


We made a very short stop in KeriKeri on our way up north. We called into the Stone Store which is the oldest stone building in New Zealand, built in 1832-36. It houses a small museum and a store where you can purchase souvenirs and in my case - a little bit of fabric! They have a selection of reproduction fabrics from the 1800's and I chose a little patch workers selection of a few fat quarters as I really couldn't decide on what I liked the most. Miss E chose a little fat quarter for herself too, I'm going to make her a cover for her drawing book. You don't have to visit the store in person to purchase the fabric you can go here and they sell it online. I also picked up some lovely vintage looking postcards with cute cut edges and delicate looking hand colouring to send to some friends.
You can pay to have a tour of the Stone Store and Kemp House which we decided against this time around (the kids had been in the car for four restless hours at this stage of the journey and they were more interested in chasing seagulls) but it's something I really want to go back and do. Seeing how people lived in that time fascinates me.

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  1. Wow, that is an amazing structure, and how wonderful that you got a chance to pick up a bit of fabric. Enjoy your holiday


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