Tuesday, April 20, 2010

from the weekend

Life seems to be very full at the moment and the weekends around here are no exception. I have been making lots of these comfy yoga pants from Heidi & Finn. The weather all of a sudden has gone from us swimming in the sea at Easter to looking for warm pants all in the space of a few short weeks. These pants are super easy to make and the pattern is suitable for a boy of a girl. So far I've made a pair from knit merino, some polar fleece and some other knit fabric and they all have turned out great. You can also make them in a lighter weight cotton for PJ's, this is a pattern I will be making A LOT of, imagine some pants in this fabric.

I'm frogging a large cushion cover that I crocheted many years ago with factory fabric off cuts to make.... well I"m going to share that in a few days once I'm finished, nearly there.

We have been thinking ahead to ANZAC day this weekend and miss E and I made these ANZAC biscuits on the weekend. Well to be honest I just supervised and let her do most of it, she was so proud and was telling everyone about her biscuits. They were amazingly yum and I hope she'll be keen to make some more soon, as they all have disappeared already.

I mentioned above that I made some of the yoga pants out of merino. If you are in Auckland you must visit Designer Textiles . They have a huge range of merino and other fabrics at great prices. I got some heavy weight 100% merino for $15 a metre. They have a great range of knit fabrics and they have a huge selection of fabrics at only $3 a metre. Lots of fabric bargains to be found there!

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  1. Nice pants, thanks for sharing the link. They have great patterns, I might be buying some myself.

    Biscuits look great, am sure they taste yummy too.


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