Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a change

My change for February was to use less and recycle more paper. This involved ringing up some companies that I was on mailing lists for and cancelling those. That went well and was much easier than I thought. I made a couple of bags to hang in rooms where there wasn't any recycling bins set up, our bedroom had the biggest impact. It is our office/workspace as well as a bedroom and I often would just pile up paper for recycling and it would sometimes not make it into the paper recycling bin. But now I have a cloth bag to pile it into and I can pop it in with the rest of the recycling on rubbish day. I was really aware of trying to fill up every piece of paper I was using this month, even if it was just the back of an envelope that I was using as a shopping list. I feel we have made a big change in the way that we use paper this month.

My change for March is to grow more vegetables. I grow a lot over summer however I don't grow a lot over the winter months despite many vegetables growing well over these months. So I hope to plant some vegetables that I've never planted before, this requires a little research on my part about what to sow and when. I better get busy!


  1. A friend of mine gets scraps of paper and staples them together as makeshift notebooks or shopping lists.

  2. I love that bag!! Growing more veggies is such a great idea! I am so excited that our growing season is starting soon around here!
    Feel free to stop by any time this month and let us know how it is going!

  3. I am still lovin that bag...so cute!! I hope you are having a wonderful March!

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