Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hanging on

I made this bag earlier this week. I wanted something to sling across my body and also hang off the handle of my pram. I have a number of homemade bags already that meet that description but I wanted something a bit bigger. I think it's easy to say no to a plastic bag if you have somewhere to put the items straight away and also have them out of sight, who wants to feel like a shoplifter? ( which is one of the main reasons people still want plastic bags apparently). The big front pocket is a thrifted embroidered linen and the lining is a thrifted curtain. The bag is completely reversible too. I know that often if you carry a big bag you end up carrying more stuff, but as a mum of two preschoolers I often need to carry lots of stuff so it's perfect for that. The handle is knotted at the ends so the length is adjustable for creating the perfect length for pram, shoulder or across the body.


  1. That looks great! I really need a bag like that too. Love the embroidery on it.

  2. Lovely bag! I sling mine across the buggy handles too ;) very handy

  3. It was a cool bag ntil I read the bit about the knotted handle which frankly makes it AWESOME. I love a versatile bag and it's so pretty too.


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