Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I spent the weekend at the St Francis Retreat Centre here in Auckland. I joined other members of Creative Fibre for a weekend of learning and creating (and eating!). The St Francis Retreat Centre is a beautiful old building, each of us had our own room. I took part in only one class, weaving. Learning the basics of warping up a loom (I've just been gifted one, so I was keen to learn all I could). The rest of the time I spent spinning, crocheting and talking. The retreat centre also does silent retreats, I don't think many of us from this weekend would be able to go on one of those!

 It was a lovely relaxing time, but now I'm in the thick of two weeks of school holidays. Traditionally these Winter holidays are my least favourite, often the weather means that we don't get out too much and cabin fever sets in. This time round, I've got a few activities up my sleeve if the weather decides not to go our way. But of course now that I'm all prepared the weather has been fantastic!


  1. That place looks _AMAZING_ and the perfect size for a crafting retreat weekend !!

  2. Yay for having a wonderful time - looks like a gorgeous building x

  3. How wonderful. Good on you for taking your time out. x

  4. Oooh I love retreats like this, been on a few with my old group from down south....miss these so much! Its a great way to learn new things and connect better with your group members :)) Hope your school holidays are going well.....nearly a week down!!! countdown is on in this household...hehehe x


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