Monday, July 8, 2013

for love

The weather yesterday was amazing for this time of year, shorts and T-Shirt type weather in the middle of Winter! The kids and I made the most of it, spending many hours in the garden, the poor neglected garden. 

We discovered some potatoes to add to our dinner, there was a flurry of little hands finding "eggs" as one of them decided. I think possibly dinosaur eggs by the overheard conversation.

I received many compliments for my ginger crunch the other weekend. Many requests for the recipe followed so I thought I'd share it here (it's not really MY recipe either). I had to make a batch especially to photograph to accompany this post, so for the love of you dear readers, my family and I will suffer through eating this batch. I hope you appreciate all I do for you!

The recipe I use is a Jo Seagar one. You can find the recipe for wholemeal ginger crunch here. I use a tad less sugar in the base, I also use Ceres organic crystallized ginger for the base. It has the most amazing ZING compared to other crystallized ginger, I think it makes all the difference. The recipe is from  "A Treasury of New Zealand Baking". It's an amazing baking book, each and every recipe I've tried is a winner. Enjoy!


  1. Wow Louana ... it feels like I could just reach into the screen & grab a piece of that ginger crunch. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe - I have it on the brain now ... will just have to make some this week :-) !!!

  2. Oh yum! The weather has been amazing (leg shaving weather and all)! xo

  3. That looks so delicious - thank you for posting the recipe!!!

  4. Ooooh noms! Thanks for sharing! Love the dinosaur eggs xx

  5. Yes hasn't it been great weather...we have been lucky to have rain overnight and sunshine during the day, for most of this we have also been outside for most of the week. Thanks for sharing that recipe :) so tasty!


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