Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a doll

I spotted this wee doll in the window of my local Salvation Army store, It looked well made, with a loving touch.

I asked to view it, and I was told by the lady that it was one of a pair (the other already sold) and this one didn't have a label, but the sold one did. The label stated that it was made in the United States of America, by a 90 year old woman, in the 1980's.

If all of that was true, she's in amazing condition. It looks like she was never played with, her apron and other clothing is crisp and bright. The details are amazing, the little shoes with buttons, beaded necklaces and hand stitched binding on the dress, she also has a solemn embroidered face. I was kind of disappointed that the other had sold already, but I'm sure she's found a good home.

Joining in with Max and her Op Shop Show Off! 


  1. she is so very lovely. as you say it's in the details. I love her hair and the lovely fabrics of her dress but mainly that she looks handmade too, her face is just charming.
    thanks for linking in louana x

  2. Oh I love her face! So great to see a doll that is not
    doing the big grin. Lots more expression and feeling to this.
    Such a brilliant find!x

  3. GORGEOUS! Such a treasure. Good find, Lady! x

  4. Oh my goodness, what an incredible find. Isn't it lovely when you get to find out a little bit about the maker of handmade pieces. I hope I am still making dolls at 90 :) xx

  5. Wow - 90 years old! What a treasure x

  6. What a beautiful beautiful doll !! !! She looks Native American . . . .
    Great find


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