Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SO soft

My fingertips could tell it was something special.

When I saw the label I knew my fingertips were right. Then I saw another jumper too!

Two Merinomink jumpers in my size. At first destined to be turned into cardigans, then once home I did a quick online search only to discover how much these jumpers retail for! I don't think I could cut into them now. I've been wearing the charcoal one for a few days now, with a mix of merino, possum and silk, it's like being cuddled by a soft animal!

Joining in with Max - The Op-shop show off!


  1. oh man, that's the good stuff, what a find. and TWO!!! woo-hoo!

  2. Whaaaaaa - awesome score! They definitely deserve to be worn and enjoyed - maybe you could work your magic with embroidery or something? Meantime I love the sound to cuddly a soft animal.

  3. ooooh they do look luxurious and soft! And what a score :))

  4. Score! yay for you and enjoy wearing your cuddly animal! x

  5. oh lovely!! they must be so cosy!


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