Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I designed and made a big bunch of these crochet Christmas decorations eight Christmases ago, while I was pregnant with miss E, I've never had the time or inclination to try to make any since. I was, however, recently asked if I would write up the pattern for a publication. Today marked the deadline that I didn't meet. Epic fail.

It's not like I didn't try, I did take a bunch of photos, in the vain hope it would make my written words seem clearer. I tried writing it lots of different ways, to work with the photos. I worried about my "left-handed-ness" coming across in the written pattern, would a right handed person be able to make one in the same way I described? It's complicated construction meant, lots of little steps to describe, each seemed to confuse even me, the designer!

 It's a sad defeat, one I'm not at all happy about. I wasn't the only person submitting, so I haven't let the publication down, just myself, can you tell I'm disappointed? Please tell me you've "failed" at something lately too?


  1. oh no!! I so know how you're feeling! next time if you want a tester consider my hand up!! I failed at doing many kiddy crafting over the hols... and there is the daily stuff that often gets left by the wayside... big hugs x

  2. I hate the disappointment of a fail! I had grand plans for a pair of "wish" jeans recently and thoroughly destroyed them with ghastly painted stencils. It just looked ugly. One failed project doesn't make you a failure though. You still have so many other successes and you write a beautifully inspiring blog for us all!

  3. OOoooh I have failed many many times, and its sad when you invest so much time into a project and you want it to work so bad and still it fails. I realize how hard it is to write patterns - and there is no easy answer to that one - other than pattern testers (I could also help there?). Don't let it keep you down too long, onward to the next challenge I say!

  4. I think you that's not a true fail!!!
    It didn't sound simple trying to write down what you were doing!
    I love your blog.
    Daisies Doilies and Donkeys blog

  5. writing tutorials is rather a mystery to me so I applaud the effort. I recently had a dress which failed and is still on my dress form hoping for some kind of redemption xxx

  6. This year feels like a great big epic fail
    And ummmm hello you were there at my spinning wheel attempt
    So yes I hear you
    Focus on the things you have succeeded at !! !! and a big hug coming your way

  7. Yes!! Hands Up!! Failing definitely happens around here too! I find it's difficult to write tutorials, or I would have a heap on my blog :)) Hope you've feeling better about it now...the next project certainly was a success :) x


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