Sunday, April 7, 2013

weekending + last chance to enter giveaway

Finding the first Guavas on my little tree was the highlight of the weekend! It will take a few years till it produces enough for some Guava Jelly, but I can't wait! The last of the "wild flowers" are flowering, not many left now but just enough to have a pop of colour in the vege patch where the kids and I scattered some seeds in Spring - they survived the drought. I'm working on a special something for a special someone and  amongst all the goings and comings this weekend I managed some time to make a little something with this silk/merino that I spun, the first time trying to add beads when I piled it up! It's deliciously soft.

Last chance to enter the Penny Scallan giveaway! I'll draw it sometime tomorrow morning.

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  1. Our guava tree is being raided by Kereru.. all the berries are about 3 meters high so not much chance for jelly! Need to plant another one for us :) Very intrigued by your third pic - looks rather interesting. x


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