Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to link your comments to your email - Google plus style!

So a few months ago, very late at night decided to add a gadget to my side bar of this blog. A little box popped up as I went to do it, telling me to upgrade to google plus - sure I thought, not really reading it or thinking too much about it - it was late at night - never a good time to make blog changes it turns out! When I changed over it seems that my email address was no longer linked to my blogger account - and I had no idea! Until, the lovely Sophie posted a great  tutorial about linking your email address to your comments. I made a comment on that post lamenting with her about how sad it is to get a great comment on your blog and not be able to reply to the lovely commenter! (that happens a lot here!). The funny thing is Sophie sent me a lovely message to say that I was one of those  "no reply" comment leavers!!!(oh the shame!) How can that be I thought as I had linked my email right from the get go? Well the answer was the change to google plus! So if you like me are on google plus and you want to link your email follow these steps!

On your google plus page click on your profile image, a little box will pop up and click on "privacy" .

Scroll down until you see "Google privacy" - Click on "sign in to Dashboard" - The next screen will require you to put in your password.

Scroll down until you see "Blogger" - You then need to click on "edit blogger profile"

Then the last step is to click the box "show my email address" - scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "save". Now if you leave a comment on a blog, the blog owner can reply directly to you! It's so disappointing to get a lovely comment that you can't reply to.

If you aren't on google plus, and you use blogger you can follow Sophie's tutorial to link your email!


  1. YUS! I'm going to add this to my tutorial to!! x

  2. Yeah I can reply to you now :)

  3. Does this still work for you? I just heard from someone today that I have turned back into a no-reply blogger (grrr!) I'm officially giving up on the whole google+ thing!!!


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